Find Your Voice

Create CONSISTENCY across all platforms with
Brand Voice Guidelines

The worst part of social media, blogging, email newsletters, or sales pitching is when it doesn’t sound like you. You want your brand to communicate a specific tone, but your team can’t get on the same page. Your communication is different on every platform, and you can identify exactly which teammate posted… except it’s all supposed to sound like you.

Your brand should sound like you... and it will

Hi, I’m Danielle Wilson, and I’ve been writing for different brands for almost a decade. You’ve probably heard of Branding Guidelines, the document with all your brand colors and rules about your logo. But every project I do starts with Brand Voice Guidelines.

Without learning your brand voice, I’m trying to be a mind reader, and we’re setting each other up for failure.

Brand Voice Guidelines use deep conversations with you about your business, surveys from your clients, testimonials from your biggest fans, and more to learn exactly how to speak in your voice even as an “outsider.”

We’ll finalize your elevator pitch, brand story, unique process, and by the end you’ll have tools to grow your business well beyond our time together.

Here’s how I do it:

Discovering Your Brand Voice


In this 2-hour video call, I’ll listen to how you describe your business and use those words to describe it in the guidelines.


Next, I’ll survey your customers and interview your biggest fans to find out why THEY love you and want to buy from you.


You’ll have a packet with exactly what you need to get your team on the same page about your messaging.

two woman at a sales counter, one swiping a credit card / brand voice guidelines for small businesses


There’s a lot in here:

  • Your Brand Story: so your team knows where you’re coming from
  • Brand Promise: let future clients know what type of business you have
  • Brand Voice: the tone and personality you want for your communication
  • Brand Personas: talk to your ideal client every time you write
  • Brand Process: clarify the unique steps in your process
  • Elevator Pitch: get the whole team saying the same thing
  • Keywords: say this, not that…
  • Headlines: be yourself and grab attention
  • 6-month Content Calendar: you read that right. You’ll get a 6-month calendar of what to talk about when.
  • Transcriptions of our chat and the calls with your clients


To be totally honest, it makes my life so much easier and sets us up for success. Once I have this document, your website, emails, social media content… anything really, becomes so much easier to write.

If you’re brand new to business, you may not have any clients for me to survey. We may need to go through a few more edits to get the personas right, but I will base my research on competitors and your role models.

Did you read the “What’s included” section? Most branding guidelines only have rules about logos, coloring, font type, etc. Yours might even just be a vision board if you’re starting out. This document will ensure your brand communications sound like you. Every time.


Not sure if you need Brand Voice Guidelines? Schedule a discovery call to learn more about the process!

Brand Voice Guidelines are an investment of $500 when purchased individually. This process is included with every package from Danielle the Copywriter!