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Are you struggling to pull together a marketing plan for your IT company? You want to grow, but you’re much more interested in solving problems for your local business clients than copywriting for IT professionals. And that’s another thing… copywriting. You didn’t sign up to be a copywriter when you started a business.

Here are some ideas to get you started… and I won’t hold it against you (this time) if you just drop these into ChatGPT and take it from there.

Let me know which topic was the most useful for you!

Sitemap & Website Copywriting for IT Professionals

The first step in your marketing journey is your website. Let’s talk about the pages you need for your IT company website (then you’ll need some copywriting for IT professionals to fill out that website design).

  1. Home Page: This is a no-brainer, but it needs to be more robust than what I’ve seen from local providers. We’re talking a long-scroll, BINGE-ABLE page. WITHOUT JARGON.
  2. Services: This should be a long page with paragraphs for each service you offer, or you could split it into one page for each service. The more pages, the better for Google.
  3. FAQs: Every website needs an FAQ page, and these can rank well in google where people type the specific question and your website pops up. SEO research will give you the questions, and you just need to write your answers!
  4. About: “who we are” etc. Remember this is more about your client than about you. If you share personal info, make it relevant: Why do you love the industry you serve? What makes you better than the other guy, specifically for your ideal client? Also a good place to throw in location keywords (you grew up in THIS CITY, and you want to see local business owners succeed)
  5. Contact: Sounds basic, but the contact page is a place to delight and surprise your customer with more personality. And it should be really easy to get in touch with you. Let this be a strong foundation for a future business relationship.

Where I’ve seen almost every business derailed in their website project is the copywriting. They get very excited about designing an innovative cool site with photos of their team standing in server rooms…

But the site never gets launched because they never submit content to the web designer.

Don’t let that be you. Let’s chat if you need copywriting for your site.

Lead Magnets & Email Marketing for Small Business Tech Support Companies

Already have a website? It’s time to create a lead magnet and built your email marketing strategy. Here are a few great ideas for lead magnets (if I do say so myself 💁🏻‍♀️).

Wait back up: What’s a LEAD MAGNET? It’s a freebie to get your ideal client to join your email list. You give some helpful info, and they give you their email address.

  1. Keep Your Business Safe with # Security Tips & Tools: these could include regular phishing email training (that they could hire you for), top firewall software (they could hire you to install it), physical cameras in the office (recommend your favorite brand), etc. Give a good mix of free and paid options. It shouldn’t scream “you need to hire me to be secure.”
  2. Your WFH Strategy: # Steps for Small Businesses to Keep Company Data Safe at Home: include your recommendations for cloud computing software, tools an employee needs to WFH better, apps that make the process seamless
  3. Best Practices: # Steps to Better Backups: This is self-explanatory.

You already have this knowledge in your head. When you give it away, they’ll trust you more and want to work with you.

If you need some guidance on what to say in your email marketing, you might need some copywriting for IT professionals. But you can check out my own email and lead magnet here:

Social Media Hooks for IT Support Companies

13 Social Media Hooks for IT Service Providers coming right up! I love seeing all the suggested hooks on Instagram, but can never think of the best ways to use them. These can be reels, OR make them into blog posts to boost your website SEO.

  1. Hate changing your password every 3 months? Watch this
    include a list of all the data breaches in the past week or something extreme
  2. FAQ: How do I spot a phishing email?
  3. Oops, I clicked a link in an email, what’s next?
  4. Unpopular Opinion: ___
    you’ll have to come up with your own unpopular opinion. What advice frustrates you? What are you always arguing about with a client? Why do you always prefer android over iphones???
  5. FAQ: What is Malware?
  6. The Latest on Internet Scams
    did you know there were facebook scams about animal shelters?? of course you do, you’re in the IT industry
  7. FAQ: Do you help with GDPR compliance?
  8. The Top Vulnerability in Your Local Business
  9. Myth Buster: Managed Services are too expensive for your business
  10. Outlook vs Google: Which is right for me?
  11. FAQ: Does my business need a server or is cloud storage enough
  12. What does a Managed Service Provider do?
  13. Zoom or Teams??

I typically recommend a minimum of 3 posts per week, so you have enough hooks for an entire months worth of content. Of course, you can throw in promotions for your email newsletter, details about your specific packages, testimonials from your best clients, and anything else that applies to your company in particular. But these are hooks that Instagram finds pretty useful.

Blog Post Outlines for Computer Support Companies

Content writing or copywriting for IT professionals always includes a blog component, because it boosts your search result rankings… which are honestly more important than social media and anything else.

All of your website pages contribute to this, but these titles and subheads will need to be customized to include your town/county/city, etc… think about how people would search and start with that.

  1. Hiring an IT Guy in [YOUR LOCATION]
    – Typical IT Services in [YOUR LOCATION]
    – Payment Structures for IT Services in [YOUR LOCATION]
    – IT Services Red Flags to Look For
  2. Internet Security for [YOUR LOCATION] Businesses
    – Local Business Internet Security Checklist
    – [YOUR LOCATION] Internet Security Tools
    – Best Internet Security Practices for [YOUR LOCATION] Businesses
  3. Best Tools to WFH in [YOUR LOCATION]
    – Top Cloud Services for WFH in [YOUR LOCATION]
    – IT-guy-approved Tools for Working from Home
    – Small Business in [YOUR LOCATION] Can Work Remotely, too! here’s how:
  4. Phishing Scams Targeting [YOUR LOCATION] Businesses
    – Why Small Businesses are an Easy Target for Phishing Scams
    – Avoiding Phishing Scams for Your [YOUR LOCATION] Business
    – How [YOUR LOCATION] IT Professionals Protect Your Business

There are SEO platforms that will generate a list of blog topics based on targeted keywords, but this can get you started! If you want to grow fast, you could post a long blog post every week. If you ned time to make this happen, even one valuable post per month will make a difference.

Do you need copywriting for IT professionals?

If this sounds like… a lot… you’re not wrong.

But continuous marketing for your company is the only way to have steady growth year after year. If you need support pulling off this whole plan, you might benefit from a copywriter to handle the text side of things.

If you’re just curious about how copywriting for IT professionals could help your business or your clients… get on my email list and get even more marketing ideas!

Until next time!

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