Day 1: Setting the Boundaries

Tuesday is as good a day as any for trying something new.

Writing daily is nothing new for me. I’m usually in the top 99% of Grammarly users (and I have over a 2-year streak).

I’m sure that’s something worth bragging about.

But it’s been a while since I’ve written in my own voice. And of course, why would I want to? I’m a copywriter/ghostwriter: the only thing that matters is writing in my clients’ voice.

Shockingly, I do enjoy writing, and I have some thoughts that I would like to organize into something. At first, I thought that would be a daily email to my “list.” but I couldn’t get myself writing that. Somehow it’s more intimidating to write to the few people on my list vs. anyone out there on the internet.

Here are the daily parameters:

If you know anything about creativity, you need to have boundaries to make anything good. Even if that’s just the medium you’re working with, you can’t make something if you get to pick from anything.

So I’m going to make up some daily rules.

I need to have some kind of outline. Arrive at some kind of point.

Do I even have a point to this post tonight? Oops. Failing already.

Jk – I can’t fail because this is my own blog. I do what I want.

Ok, the purpose of this day one post is to set my boundaries.

Write about anything!

I will try to relate it back to marketing if I can. Honestly, I wish I could just write these fun posts on Instagram, because that’s a great format for daily posts 😊 and I might grow my following. but alas, I DON’T WORK LIKE THAT.

I can write the words, but I can’t find a good photo for the day that goes with the words, and I can’t make it a reel with a hook that drives engagement.

At least not for myself. I have one client that I write TWO POSTS PER DAY. And guess what… they do get more followers.

End with the fun

This might be too cheesy, but if I’m going to write every day, I’m going to add a cute story that makes me happy from the day. A funny thing my kid said, or a story about my dogs, maybe a personal goal I’ve achieved. We’ll see where I end up.

I’m excited to write in the style of the 2010s: random.

Maybe this will move on to a different blog in the future… that’s not my business page. But my other blog is… and I’m not ready for it to be Mostly Everything Else.

See you tomorrow?

I hope so. But I’m pretty bad at doing anything for myself consistently. Wait, I should be more optimistic about this!

Fun story: my almost 3yo knows how to play me with his procrastination “I need to snuggle you mommy! Let’s snuggle on the couch! Get a blanket! I need to give you a kiss!” How am I supposed to say no to this nonsense??

Edited to add:

ok I will make it come back to marketing. I promise. Somehow the stories and the thoughts will be about marketing. but it is daily, so there’s a chance I’ll slip up. Forgive me.

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