I saw Barbie a few nights ago, and it was so much fun. I have a few thoughts, but I never feel qualified to share a review or opinion about these things.

However, I was an English major, so I actually have analyzed stuff in my past.

Ok, enough about me and more about Barbie.

The “toy” details: I loved how they made everything in Barbie world just like the toys. But probably my favorite moment is when Barbie’s having an existential crisis and collapses over like a stiff doll and just lays on her face like you would leave a doll lying around. I can’t get over it. The details, people!

The growth in gender roles: Yes, I firmly believe the world would be a better place if there were more women in charge (more women than men). But what I love in this movie is that Barbie realizes how badly she treats Ken (“It’s boys night”), and he does say, “that doesn’t feel so good does it.”

It doesn’t end with only Girls Rule!! She learns that she should value the Kens for being themselves.

But then it’s like, but remember when you thought horses were in charge? Yea, you’re not allowed to be president.

The mother-daughter moments: I saw it with my mom and sister, so of course we were crying during any of those moments. And they’re not exactly advertised. I had no idea the America Ferrera character had a daughter from the ads I saw.

The timeliness: This is a pro and a con. The movie definitely voices what we’re all feeling all the time. Maybe because I read so much content on women and motherhood, this starts to feel like more of the same. There were times I felt it was doing a little too much talking. I would prefer more metaphor/artistry vs. the outright statements. Like, you don’t have to guess what the theme is. It’s all spoken very plainly, and that makes it feel less timeless.

But seriously, what do I know? Please don’t take this as anything less than loving it.

I wonder if it will age well. Will it be a millennial movie that basically lives in a time capsule?

The target demographic: This is not a kids’ movie. Apparently, people are taking their young daughters and they’re loving it. I don’t know what to tell you: it’s just not for children. I heard one influencer say it totally went over her daughter’s head. The big moments in this movie are NOT for children: they talk about death, societal pressures on women, male CEOs, etc.

Kids won’t get it, and it’s definitely written for Millenials/ Gen Z and above (remember – Gen Z is working now. They’re not kids).

I’m a Barbie girl: One thing I realized in my life: I basically live in the Barbie world. I know primarily strong, powerful women, and I love being a woman. The men in my life are happy to support all my hopes and dreams. Obviously, our country as a whole can be better. But my life in particular feels like I’m Barbie.

What did you think?

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