Does my business need a website?

With everyone starting a side hustle these days, you might wonder if you need a website anymore. There are free “link in bio” tools, and you spend all your time on Instagram anyway, so why do you need to add one more platform to your roster?

Because a website isn’t just another platform. This is where people find you from outside your immediate connections.

And if your business is primarily focused on attracting local clients, then a location-optimized website that drives organic search results is proven to help you grow.

Does my business need a website?

ABSOLUTELY! Yes! a million times yes!

But not for the reasons you think it does: this website doesn’t need to look perfect, it can be simple. But the important thing is that you own this space.

If your linktree goes down tomorrow, all your resources are saved somewhere else. Or you can make your own Instagram link on your website to closely track your analytics (we’re all about the analytics).

1. People Still Search Online for Businesses

I was going to save the best for last, but let’s make this the opener:

If you’re asking, “Does my business need a website?” the answer is yes for the sake of search engines. ESPECIALLY IF YOU’RE A LOCAL BUSINESS.

Your Google My Business profile will be so much better if you have an actual website to point it to. Google loves businesses with a robust, regularly updated website… it proves that you’re alive and doing well. If you’re local, then people will often click on that Google map listing, which will rank higher because of your website standing (and your reviews, of course).

2. Social Media IS NOT ENOUGH

I’ve already said it, but the best way for local businesses to get sales is by having an effective website and a Google My Business profile. This should be a relief if you’re struggling with growing on IG (like most people).

If you’re thinking, “But my business won’t do well if I don’t grow on IG!” you don’t have to worry. This is a lie you’ve been sold by influencers! People need to find you when they search “[industry] near me.” It’s a bad look to link your map listing to a Facebook business page: those pages are not organized well and don’t always show the messages to the owner quickly. It also looks like you can’t spend money to commit to a domain name and hosting plan… but maybe that’s just me.

3. Save Time and Money with a Business Website

Social media platforms are high-touch (they’re designed that way). While it’s great for building a connection with the audience, DMs take up valuable time and often cause double work. When someone DMs you for a sale, they ask all the questions you already answered on your website. As a local business, you should use IG to show off the behind-the-scenes of your great team: but the real info lives on your website… and you should be directing them to your site.

4. Gain Unlimited Control of Your Brand

Now for the fun reason: it gives you complete control of your brand. You get to pick your favorite fonts, colors, and photos without the confines of a 16:9 screen. Obviously, you can get creative on social, but there’s nothing like having a digital storefront that matches you! People visit it and learn exactly what they’re getting into. Each page drives them closer to saying yes to your company.

Helpful Links

I always recommend WordPress + Elementor (affiliate) or Divi for your website, but I know people have easier, prettier options. This is just what I’m most familiar with.

And, of course, if you need help writing your website content, you can hire me 😊  or try my course.

Any other questions about your website?? Would love to chat with you through a discovery call!

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