Write your own website in one day

AND be confident it attracts new customers while ranking on Google.

You know you need a website for your local business, but maybe your web designer asked you to provide all the content, and you don’t have time to write. You have to get back to your business. 

But you also know your business can’t grow without a website. But you still don’t have time to write, and how do you know if what you wrote will work?

The vicious cycle continues.

Or worse – you have a website, but it’s not performing the way it should.

But you can actually have your content done in a day (really a few hours), ready to send off to a designer…

Hi, I’m Danielle. I’ve been a website copywriter for over 6 years, and I see local business owners struggle with their websites day after day. Maybe you don’t even know what a copywriter is, but I know you didn’t intend to become one when you started your business.

I developed this course for local business owners to easily write a website they know will attract the customers they want while giving them the foundation to show up on the first page of Google searches. I do this all the time for my clients, and now I’m going to help you do it on your own.

This course teaches you

  • How to write a single-page, long-scroll homepage website without missing a detail
  • What your customer needs to know about you before choosing your company
  • Tried and true principles on digital marketing to set you up for success

Sure, but how?

You’ll walk through five simple modules that make writing more like a fill-in-the-blank exercise.

Gather Your Info

Quickly pull together everything you need to write a successful website (it won’t take long!)


Avoid blank page syndrome by outlining your single-page website in a way that compels customers to action.

Local SEO

Learn a few tips to get your website on top of search results (and your competition probably isn’t doing them)

Fill in the Blanks

With an outline and all the info gathered about your company, you’ll be filling in the blanks with copy that sells!

Final Details!

Get ready to send your document off to a designer, so they can make your website beautiful.

With the Write Your Website course, you’ll be finished with your website content in ONE DAY. And you’ll be confident your site will stand up against the competition. 


  • Becoming a marketing expert
  • Hiring an expensive marketing firm
  • Reading yet another blog post that takes forever to implement

Did I mention that the course is only three hours long?

(I actually think you’ll be finished in less than a day, but I gave you a few extra hours for research.)

We’ll do it together: I’ll teach a short segment as an overview, then I’ll demonstrate the process while I write the content for a local business in my area.

In a few weeks, this course will cost $250

But if you join the waiting list, you’ll get a code to make the course only $99 during launch week.

Of course, you’ll have LIFETIME ACCESS to the course and anything I add to it.

You’ll also receive a BONUS MODULE on DIY website building FOR FREE

  • Learn how to build the site you just wrote
  • Get set up on WordPress with an easy, stable theme
  • Discover free SEO tools to grow your website

After you’re finished writing, get a 30minute website audit with me for FREE.


If you don’t write your website within a week of starting the course,
you can request a full refund.

Ok, are you ready?

With a 3-hour course, you can write your single-page, long-scroll website that converts your readers into buyers and sends you to the first page of google results. If you join the waitlist, you’ll get a coupon code that brings the price down from $250 to only $99 during launch week.

You’ve been stuck on your website progress, putting it off again and again, telling yourself that you’re not a writer. You don’t have time or money to let someone else do it for you. 

So sign up today to get this course for $250 $99

PS – if you don’t sign up within the launch week, your $99 code will no longer be valid.

But what do you have to lose? You have 7 days to write a single-page, long-scroll site that should take you only a few hours. If you still can’t pull it off, you get you’re money back.