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Common question! I don’t write copyrights! In fact, anything you publish on your website is already copyrighted to you, and you can take legal action against people who steal it. The internet is good that way. Just thought I’d get that out of the way! I hear this a lot: “How do writers make any money? No one reads anymore!” Well, friends, no one writes anymore either. And you still need to write if you want your website to rank well on Google! Copywriters also understand consumer psychology. We know what your customer needs to hear in order to buy from you. To be honest, they need to hear a lot more from you than you’re giving them. Your customer is READING, WATCHING, and FOLLOWING you. They want to know they’re buying from a real person who understands their fears, hopes, and dreams. You’re on this journey to serve your customer, and they need to know how you will help them. It’s not all about you. It’s all about them. Do you know your customer? If you’re thinking “everyone is my customer” then you’re almost definitely wrong, and by appealing to everyone you’re appealing to no one. Ok, reading to chat? Click the button below for a free consultation.

We’ll discuss exactly the best option for your company, but these are customized plans based on a mix of a-la-carte and retainer options. Google likes to see regular updates on sites to prove real people run the business, while your customer relies on consistency the most as they get to know you better. I’ll work with you to develop a content plan that will serve your clients and help you reach your business goals. Typically, we’ll plan on two short (800 word) blog posts per month or one long (2000 words) article per month. If you include social media, we’ll go over the photos I need to receive and the way you’ll interact with clients online. Even if it sounds like too many options, I’ll walk you through a calendar with my reasoning behind the plan for each month. You’ll have a clear outline of content deadlines by the end.

You’ll need up to 5 pages to get your website started:
  • Landing (Home) Page
  • Contact Us
  • About Us
  • Services
  • other/ blog posts page

Each page will be optimized for google search results to move your site to the top of google results in your area. After completion, I’ll give you a packet of tutorials to set up other things you may need for your business (Google My Business, Facebook page, etc.).


I can’t wait to meet you and hear all about your business. Here’s how it will go down:


  1.  Questionnaire and Discovery Call so I can understand your business voice. If possible, add Google Analytics to your site ahead of time so we can discuss your current stats.
  2.  I start writing!!
  3. You review the first draft and any other materials we’ve discussed.
  4. FINAL DRAFT and Google Analytics set up so you can track progress.

We’ll probably talk more than once, so everything I write will sound like you. By the end of this process, you’ll come across as the expert your clients have been looking for. They’ll be able to find you and buy from you easily.

This will be detailed in our contract, but these are the basics:

  • 50% deposit to start work (based on a detailed proposal and contract)
  • Another 25% after sending the first draft (this represents the bulk of the work I do)
  • Remaining 25% upon completion

Deadlines will be laid out in the contract, and everything will move smoothly if we both keep up with our work 🙂 You can pay via Check, Credit Card, Paypal… However you want to deliver it!