Consistently Drive Sales

Monthly Content Packages to Keep Your Clients Coming Back for More

Have you heard the importance of emailing “your list” ?? And it sounded impossible because you’re already trying to keep your business running, post on at least one social media platform occasionally, and what are you supposed to write to your list anyway?

You know you could be making more money if you had consistent monthly content…

Hi, I’m Danielle Wilson! and what if I told you, I can do all of that for you with about an hour of your time each month (maybe two hours when we’re just getting to know each other). Imagine…

Your clients magically hearing from you and remembering how cool you are…

Your website bringing in organic traffic…

Your social media running without you…

… and you’ll be working through a strategy! Not just guessing every day!

What your month could look like:

Every project starts with the Voice Guide to make sure your content sounds like you…
but once that’s finished (or even while we’re developing the guide),
we can get started with your monthly, consistent content.


Each month, we’ll chat for 30 minutes to make sure we’re on the same page about upcoming promotions, as well as take a moment to review what worked last month. Don’t worry – I come with ideas!


After the call, I get to work developing your emails, social content, blog post, or whatever else we agreed on. We’ll have a set date for you to receive the content for review and edits.


Once you’ve approved the content, I’ll schedule it on your platforms so you don’t have to think about it again. Then, we’ll review the results in our next meeting!

engineer with homeowner / monthly content for local business owners

Clients who get results with monthly content:

When it works, it works (particularly email marketing!)

“Our home service business wasn’t sending emails to our 10,000-customer list. Back then, we didn’t think our existing clients needed to hear from us if they already knew us…

But then, we set up a monthly content strategy.

The first month we sent weekly emails, we made $24,000 from the emails alone. Since then, these emails have become one of the top three income drivers for our business.” – Eric W.

Build a Monthly Content Package:

Depending on your business goals, you may need more or less of each of these options.
We will customize and grow to meet your needs:


  • Voice Guide
  • Monthly Content Strategy Calls
  • Up to two rounds of edits (but the goal is automatic YES!)
  • Google form to upload images
  • Scheduling


  • 1 Monthly Blog Post (optimized for SEO impact!)
  • 12 Social Captions with image suggestions
  • 4 Weekly Emails


  • Up to 4 blog posts per month (1 post per week)
  • Up to 20 social captions per month (5 posts per week for 4 weeks)
  • Up to 20 emails per month
  • Quarterly Strategy Plan
  • Stock photo plan


To be totally honest, it makes my life so much easier and sets us up for success. Once I have this document, your website, emails, social media content… anything really, becomes so much easier to write.

We will discuss this each month, but you may need to make a few graphics to match the captions, or upload original photos of your projects or services to add to the content. But we will have a form so it’s easy to submit the images for me to schedule.

If you have specific launches coming up, we can either work it into the package, or start a one-time project to make sure you have EVERYTHING you need to sell.

You’d be surprised: the more emails you send, the more money you make. It’s almost a fact. Think about it: how many emails did you get from Gap last week? They won’t let you forget about them!

Sure. But have you tried that yet? ChatGPT is only as good as the prompt you give it, or the content you feed it. If you’re not ready to invest some time figuring it out, you won’t be able to create great content. And it certainly won’t be on auto pilot.

Ready for Consistency?

Let’s strategize about your business and build the best package for you!

I can’t wait to chat content with you!