I think we all have a different idea of New Year’s Resolutions after the ground fell out from under us in March 2020. Sure, I was already paying for Zoom, but I was newly pregnant and nothing I wanted for the year was happening. However, I’m also a writer (and I just learned I’m an enneagram 5), so I pretty much thrived in isolation.

Anyway, I’m officially over it now. I just want to go places without thinking I’m risking my life or other people’s lives.

Despite having a pretty good year personally and in business, there are a few things I want to do differently (or the same) in 2020. Less about GOALS more about ROUTINES and how I want my life to look long after 2021.

I’m holding resolutions lightly this year, but this is what I’m attempting for 2021

Establish my morning routine

You’ve seen me do this over on Instagram, but it’s a little more important (but maybe impossible) now that I have the baby. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Read more marketing books

(books in general, and share them!) I started doing little book reports on Instagram last year, and then those died off the longer quarantine continued. I couldn’t get myself to focus at all. AT ALL. It felt like I read the least amount I have in years — and I did, but I still read over 20 books. It’s just that I usually read about 50 in a year ha.

Do more than just running

I love running, but that’s really all I do. I do have a stationary bike and a Peloton subscription, so I’ll be using those more often. Running is the best, though, because I get to do it with my puppy.

Release a freebie and passive-income product

This is coming in February, but what do you want to see from me? What freebie would help you the most?

Release a higher-level intensive

My plan is to release this in June with a few test runs in March/April. Sign up for my newsletter if you want to learn more!

Get serious about social media, but also not overthink it

I was getting good at Instagram last year, but I think I expected too much of myself. It’s a lot of work. So I have a plan, and I’ll do my best to stick with it while making time for my clients who are obviously more important to me!

Take off for the month of December!

This is my goal every year, and it never happens — even while I was on “maternity leave” I had to do too much work in December. I JUST WANT TO RELAX, WATCH HALLMARK, AND ENJOY THE HOLIDAY SEASON. Does anyone else miss the carefree days of winter break in college?

ALSO – I need to go to Europe again this year. I was on track for annual trips to London/Paris on Memorial Day, but I’ll probably take these trips in December instead.

I also want to be more efficient than ever with my time… Childcare is hit or miss because of COVID, so I need to maximize those naptimes!

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