How & What to Post on Social Media

Ok. Do you feel super overwhelmed when you hear Gary Vee say you need to post 8 times a day? I attended a virtual marketing conference and they mentioned him in passing, so I started following again then fell into the hole of social media posting.

Let me give you some tips on making a plan, and then how you execute it. I’ve listened to a few podcasts about this and write consistently for clients, so those are my qualifications. My own social posting could be better… but I have a plan going forward. I feel like I can’t really promise more likes at this time, but consistency brings growth in the long run.

For my clients, I provide a skeleton of educational, longer posts, and they usually fill them in with behind the scenes pic. So not quite Gary Vee level, but something that shows signs of life.

Here we go:

Repurposing Content

So people who post a million times a day on 50 different platforms have a team who do their posting. Don’t feel like you need to compete with that. But here’s the main way they work:

Start with a long piece of content: Like this blog post, or a video, or a podcast, etc…. And then pull the main points out of it to share on social media. If you have 7 points, each one can be a different Instagram post. Or take the blog posts and make a fb live out of it. If it’s a long video, cut short quotable segments into less-than-60-second clips for IG.

Repurpose that long form content and get a lot of mileage out of it! If you write one per week, then you have plenty of content to work with.

Post What You Love

Many people are unsure what photos to use, too. So just post photos that you like and try to keep to a color palette. You can search for free stock images and download images that work with your branding.

Some of the in-between content can just be favorite quotes you’ve seen (people love to like quotes), or personal progress towards goals.

I started doing “book reports” on IG simply because I needed an excuse to read alllll my business/marketing books. And it helps me create content! I don’t know if anyone watches the videos (I’m posting one on Wednesday), but I’m just happy I made them.

Selfie Away!!!

You will DEFINITELY get more likes when you put your face out there. People want to know the face behind the posting, so it’s important to show up with your actual face regularly. I sometimes just take a selfie while walking or running and then post it with the caption I carefully crafted. Educational and fun! Rachel Hollis has always been a master of the selfie stuff.

Just Have Fun!

Instastories are just great for having fun. Show people your routine and the things you love to do at home, and they’ll start engaging more. If you think about it — you’re more likely to respond to posts if you know the person behind them.

Moving on to the logistics of scheduling your social media content. I use two free things — google sheets and Later.

Google Sheets

This sheet is where I plan all my content including this blog post and the email that goes out tomorrow. I brainstorm in trello, and then usually outline the post in trello as I think of things to add. But I reference the sheet while I’m planning and scheduling.

I list the dates and each type of content down the side, then I highlight the Monday column just to keep it a little organized.

Then I write the copy in the spreadsheet, with an idea for the photo next to it. This really helps me batch write instead of getting lost searching for the perfect photo and writing the perfect caption. Once the post is actually scheduled, I make it grey so it’s not distracting.

Later for Scheduling

Then I schedule almost everything in Later… except for LinkedIn, which I can only schedule through HootSuite for free. I also discovered Facebook Creator Studio for scheduling IGTVs, which is a great tool. YOu don’t have to wait and publish IGTV in real time, which can take a while because of the video uploading.

Use my referral code to sign up for Later!

You can see a preview of your feed, store images to use in the future, and Linkinbio is free! If you upgrade you can even schedule stories, which I did recently, and I’m excited to better use the product.

These are just a few things I’m learning and enjoying right now, so I wanted to share them with you. Ultimately, make your feed what you want it to be. Be proud of every piece of content you put out there. Your social media should be an extension of your website, but a little more personal and fun, so keep that in mind as you target your customers.

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