Using a Professional Email Address with a Free Gmail Account

A few weeks ago, I wrote about subscribing for GSuite and using their services for your professional email address. BUT there is a free work around within your normal gmail account. I had heard this was possible, but I just needed to go through the settings and take a few screenshots before sharing with you!

I haven’t seen many blog posts about this, I’m assuming because GSuite is an affiliate program. Which means, if you buy using my link, I’ll get a tiny commission… your price doesn’t change, but it’s an incentive for my clients to sign up using my link.

So if you’re planning to buy GSuite, using the link below.

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If not…. keep reading 🙂

Using a Professional Email with a Free Gmail Account

  1. Sign up for self-hosting through bluehost, or someone else (but I recommend bluehost: great customer service!). Usually a self-hosted website comes with at least one free email address. If they don’t offer this, you should probably look for a better hosting service.
  2. Create the email address and password through your hosting service. They probably provide some ugly form of webmail, which I found is not easy to use at all.
  3. Go to your Gmail Account Settings > Accounts and Import tab: Click Add another email address
    Adding your professional email to a free gmail account
  4. Fill in the Pop-up with your new info: Check the “Treat as an alias” box
    Adding your professional email to a free gmail account
  5.  Fill in your server information: I believe this auto-filled, but the information can be found through your hosting service. The server is usually
    Adding your professional email to a free gmail account
  6. Check your webmail for a verification code: This is the webmail provided by your hosting service, because you’re probably not getting email anywhere else (unless you configured IMAP in Outlook, but that’s a separate discussion).
    Adding your professional email to a free gmail account
  7. YOU DID IT! You can now send and receive emails FOR FREE through Gmail with your own professional email address. Use the “Reply from the same address the message was sent to” option, so you don’t accidentally reply from your personal email. That’s embarassing… and confusing.
    Adding your professional email to a free gmail account

This is a great option if you don’t want to invest $5/month in GSuite for business... I prefer to have completely separate accounts for work and business, but I hope this super-short post was helpful!

I guess another option would be creating a free gmail account (, and then adding this self-hosted professional email. Then you would be distinguishing between work and personal, but it would still be free.

Here’s an article about getting a custom professional email address if you have a blog (instead of self-hosted).

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, or you have a specific topic that you think I should cover, leave a comment!

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