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How do you know that your homepage will turn those random visitors into buyers? Is Google going to find you? Do you answer all the questions they need to know?

If you’re not sure your homepage is doing its job, download The Homepage Checklist

Hi, I’m Danielle Wilson. I’ve been a copywriter and SEO content writer for almost 10 years 😲, so I’ve seen a lot of homepages and have the template to make them work.

While Google may not send your potential buyer to the homepage on the first click (sometimes they land on another helpful page first), you know they’ll get there eventually. You want your homepage to tell them exactly where to go and how to buy from you.

What’s included with your checklist:

✅ Defining the job of your homepage

✅ Sections your homepage needs 

✅ Tips for making those sections perfect

✅ Video walkthrough

Then… stick around!

📈 Weekly marketing tips:

My favorite clients are small, local businesses that have so much to offer. Each week, I’ll share marketing advice for businesses to keep them confident in promoting their products day after day.

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If you have questions about brand messaging, marketing, or writing in general, I’m here to answer them! Just reply to my emails and start a conversation.

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