Why we still use email marketing

No, I’m not talking about work emails or pen pal emails… I’m talking about email marketing and promo emails. Yes, we’re still sending them every week, and here’s why.

People Actually Read Them

I know this is SHOCKING to you, but yes, people actually read those promotional emails.

Not every single person on your list will open that email, but yes, people are still reading.

This brings me back to majoring in English and telling friends and family I would be a writer. They always told me that people don’t read anymore, so why would I become a writer?? Well, it turns out Instagram loves long captions, and emails still sell. So there.

The better your emails are, the more opens and replies you’ll get.

Your Email Marketing List Is the Only Thing You Own. Trust Me.

You work so hard getting followers on Instagram, only for them to literally block your actual handle so no one new can find you (Instagram banned the word “copywriter,” and that includes my handle).

When you have an email list, you can still reach out to people and tell them the great things you’re doing.

Of course, writing emails every week may not be your thing. If not, let’s chat 😉

*jk, you also own your corner of the internet. But clients are always concerned about Instagram growth, and I’m here to tell you it’s just not a big deal.

Because Emails Work!

People who subscribe to your email list love you more, and then they’ll be more open to your courses or your products. Especially if you make those emails useful and engaging.

One of the main strategies I use for client emails is FAQs and stories.

I start with a nice long list of alllll the questions they get, and we work through those… then during our monthly meetings, I ask for stories about their work: what weird things did they encounter that month? What did they see more of than usual with their customers? And we start writing emails about those things.

My clients get great open rates because of the useful information in these emails.

But what do I say??

Feel a bit like a hypocrite because I’m not great at emailing my OWN list, but I schedule out emails for other clients, and it works out fine 😝

But what do you say? Start by telling stories! If you have clients and interact with people, you’ll have stories to tell (one of the reasons I struggle is because I literally don’t get out enough to find stories other than things my toddler says).

What’s great about storytelling in email marketing is that you sound less like a crazy salesperson and more like a person emailing your friends (which is what you’re doing 😊 )

Easy steps to email marketing

There are so many different platforms for email marketing, but I love Flodesk (commission link). It’s really intuitive, but it’s not free. There are free platforms, but the free status runs out pretty quickly.

Set up an opt-in offer! I always give some lead magnet ideas in my local business series (here’s the post for IT Service Providers and local gift shops!), but try to find something you could give for free that people will love and use.

Post your form on your website (believe it or not, people still respond pretty well to popups, just not immediately when they open the page) and start collecting email addresses!

Another time, we’ll talk about your introductory nurture sequence… but I barely have mine put together, so I’ll do that first 😏

What’s holding you back from email marketing?

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