As I mentioned yesterday, 2016 was cool and everything, but this year I have a few more goals that I need to accomplish!

I did the Recharge Challenge with Rising Tide Society and shared a few of my goals over on Instagram…


  1. Grow my Business: I really want to focus on my business and build up my salary this year. I’m a little nervous about putting myself out there and working with new clients, but excited about learning and saving some money for projects coming up!
  2. Master Trello: I went a little crazy with Trello this past week… lots and lots of boards and 3 months of Trello gold for recommending a few people! But I can picture this working well for my business and my clients.
  3. Set my routine: I worked on this a little last year, and had the most success during the summer (it’s easier to wake up early when the sun is shining!). A routine will be crucial to growing my business and seeing results in my life.
    • I need a cleaning routine, too. I love my little house, so I should probably take better care of it…
  4. Read at least one book per week: I’ll report back each month with the results of this, but this is my plan! This might mean a little less sewing, but I need to be reading. Better Reading = Better Writing. The plan is to alternate non-fiction and fiction each week so I learn a lot and take a few breaks in between. Super excited about this one!
  5. Run 4 Half Marathons: I have 2 planned (same as 2016), but I need to add 2 more to be in shape all year
  6. Make all my clothes this year: I don’t really want to buy any new RTW this year, and I don’t need many new pieces anyway. I really want to plan what I make/ buy so I don’t own extra things just because they were on sale.
    I probably won’t be able to make athletic wear (sweat-wicking fabrics and industrial sergers are required), so I’ll still be buying that in-store. Otherwise, if I want a dress for a party – I’ll make it. Why? Mostly because of my changing views on fashion mentioned in yesterdays post, and just because it’s a fun challenge!

I also want to travel more this year 🙂 but that’s not a good “quantifiable” goal… So it’s just an idea I’m sharing. We’re definitely going to Israel, and we’re hoping to go to California (I’ve never been), and of course a few more trips to ski in Vermont.

What’s on your list for 2017?

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