Switching up my topics this week because I think this needs to be discussed. We always want things to happen, whether in our business or in our personal lives, but we don’t always put them on paper and make a plan to achieve them.

Last week, I watched a “summer goals” webinar from Lara Casey and loved this quote so much:

So often we’re afraid of making a mess that we’re not making anything.

This summer, I really want to focus on my friendships, and this quote basically sums up how I feel all the time. I haven’t been a great friend in the past, but I’m craving community. Sometimes, I’m afraid that I’m bothering the person in their own busy life that I just never reach out. I assume everyone else must be busier than I am, and therefore not able to get together.

But this can’t be true. Almost everyone wants new friends, right? Anyway. These thoughts have been on my mind for a while. And then Lara Casey and Cultivate What Matters released the Fruitful Friendships workbook for the summer. To be honest, I haven’t used the Powersheets that they sell, but I knew I needed this workbook in my life.

And of course, God knew what I needed, too. After ordering the book, several friends reached out to me and I ran into a few more ladies that I needed to connect with. He’s putting them in my path to accomplish this goal in my life.

Ok – so that’s my overarching goal for the summer. Check out this list below for the rest of them.

Summer Goals

  1. Start a New Tradition: Saturday Brunch
    This is a recommendation in the Fruitful Friendships workbook. And I know the perfect thing! One blogger I follow suggested a weekly brunch with a facebook event/ group to keep friends updated. I will probably aim for at least one this summer with the dream of making this a monthly occurrence.
  2. Decorate the Deck
    If I’m going to have a brunch, I need to complete my outdoor setting (not really, you can be hospitable and open your home no matter what your space looks like). I do have a giant deck with beautiful lake views, so I can’t wait to make it perfect for late night conversations with the fireflies and twinkle lights (and probably bats, but I try not to think about those).
  3. More Networking/ Sales Attempts
    So my business is kind of based on the small, local business aspect… However, I’m pretty much terrified of telling anyone about my business and skills. I really need that to change this summer so I can start getting more clients, helping more people, and reaching my business goals.
  4. Blog & Newsletter Consistency 
    In case you’re wondering what I do all day, I run five blogs. Two are clients, so those obviously take priority over the other three (this blog that you’re reading, MostlySewing.com, and EatWellTravelOften.blog). But I have so many ideas! And I desperately want each to succeed. Aaaaaaand I want to write more client blogs! It’s a struggle. However, I know I can totally do this. Each one only posts once a week (I feel like daily posting is so 2010), so it’s just a matter of managing my time better.
  5. Cultivate Contentment 
    I have a hard time being happy in any particular place. This summer I’m working on really loving my home, my town, my season of life, and not wishing for things to be different. To stop regretting every decision I’ve ever made and finally realize God has put me right here.

Ok – so what about you?? Memorial Day is coming up, which means the official beginning of the summer. What are you planning?

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