Why every small business owner should use G Suite

As promised in last week’s post, I’m back with why you should be using G Suite (Google Apps) for your business! If you want to be one of those professionals with a fancy yourname@yourdomain.com email address, you could use the weird webmail provided by your hosting (not pretty), struggle endlessly with IMAP/POP, or you could pay $5/month for an email address, google drive, google docs and more!

Here are some of the reasons I love G Suite/ Google Apps for Business.

1. Easy to Use

Most of us already love using gmail. The inbox that magically sends all those subscription emails to “Promotions” or “Updates” tab, G Chat with friends, email labelling, and lots of storage space.  Using G Suite Mail for your business works just like gmail, but sends and receives from your personalized domain email.

Like everything Google makes, it’s very intuitive and there’s plenty of online support to answer your questions.

2. So Many Apps….

I greatly prefer the Gmail app over the Apple Mail app (the promotions/ updates tab is seriously life-changing). Fortunately, G Suite has even more apps to simplify your business.

I regularly use the Google Docs app to write articles and blog posts when I only have my phone. I use Google Drive to share documents and files with clients (they only need a gmail address to share a folder). Google Slides is super helpful when you’re not sure if the computer you’ll be using is a mac or PC (oh, and you can just view the slideshow on your ipad if that’s all that’s available).

I think Google Calendar is fun, but that might just be because it puts fun artwork on events with certain keywords. There’s a possibility a change my event names so this happens.

There’s also an app for analytics, if you’re one of those people that needs to the stats for your site at all times. FYI – I’m not one of those people. I check once a month and try not to get too consumed with the likes/follows/add numbers.

3. It Works

I tried NOT to buy G Suite for a while. Before I had this website, I was only danielle@mostlysewing.com. Spending money on my HOBBY’S email address didn’t seem like a good idea. And it wasn’t, so I tried to use IMAP in Apple Mail or I think the Mail app on windows? I even tried Outlook on Mac. Nothing was quite what I wanted, and IMAP is just unreliable.

When I bought the daniellethecopywriter.com URL, I knew I needed something more professional to build this business. One of my clients was already using it (they’re even more obsessed than I am), and I decided it would be the best option.

4. It’s Cheap

Please tell me that your business can handle $5/month. If not, use the form below to get a discount code for 20% off. Having a professional email address is SO CHEAP, it makes me sad when I see businesses using a @gmail.com email address.

Let’s try to make 2017 a more professional year for your business!!

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Email me for a discount code and receive 20% off G Suite!

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