Words Sell Products – Not Websites

When people finally realize what a copywriter is… they have a pretty simple, but maybe insulting follow up question:

Does anyone read anymore? You know, attention spans are getting shorter, and people only watch videos now anyway, not sure why anyone would need words.”

And yet, business owners want to know why they spent over $10,000 on a pretty website, but only saw a small increase in sales.

Before this turns into a rant in defense of my English major, I have to tell you, at the very least websites need words in order for GOOGLE to find them. Even if your customer doesn’t need them, at the very least you need about 300 words/page for Google to consider you in search results.

That’s why a new website might only see a small bump in sales – usually there’s a site speed increase that helps with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – but without more work, your ideal clients can’t find you.

Your ideal client — that’s where the real marketing starts.  Everything on your website needs to speak to them. Even the web design should be based on their needs and interests (oops… did you pick your own favorite colors for the website? I did for my website, and later saw an increase when I made it appeal to the people I’m trying to reach).

How do you speak to your client online? Through your copy.

Tell a story, explain how your product solves their problem, set the tone when they visit your website (your home on the internet).

Copy does all of this.

Words do all of this.

Yes, people still read.

And your perfect customer wants to learn all about how your product can make their lives better.

Don’t worry – I’m not insulted when people ask this question, because it gives me a fun opportunity to tell them what I just told you.

How do you start writing copy to speak to your customers?

Whenever you want to talk to your customers, start with their own words… how have they said you helped them? What stories have they told you? What reviews have they left? The best way to get in your customers’ heads is to use their words to speak to them.

Good copywriters follow the dialogue in the customer’s head and answer their questions before they ask them — removing objections before they knew they thought of any…. leading to an easy yes.

So start collecting those stories and the most common “objections” to your product (kind of like FAQs, but a little harsher…), and answer them on your website and in your social media. Your customer will read your copy and think, “that’s what I was going to say!”

And now you’re in their heads 🙂 in a good way! Because you provide a valuable service that solves their problems!

Now when you meet me, you’ll know better than to ask if anyone reads anymore. But if you meet me in person, there’s a possibility I’ll tell you the importance about reading fiction to build empathy and expand your world…. But that’s for another blog post.

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