2024 Goal Setting (and a few tools)

What were the most tempting sales and promotions this Black Friday? For me, it was the 2024 planning courses. Yes, I want to know all about this giant calendar with its post-its. Yes, I want to plan for a new year using AI better in my copywriting business. I bought a new digital planner for my iPad, and a physical daily planner to track daily prayers and spiritual growth.

Everything’s fine.

After some reflection (prompted by the courses I bought 😅), I have a few goals and concrete plans for how I will achieve them.

Get ready for more links, because you know I love to share. Some links are affiliate links, so I greatly appreciate your clicks!

Promote my business daily

For the past few years of my business, I’ve been coasting on retainer work, and that kind of fell off in 2023 (IYKYK 🫠) I had intentions of daily posting or even sharing in stories about my offers, course, newsletter, etc… but instead I did nothing. Kept waiting for things to pick back up again. Cut back on daycare to only 2 days a week during the summer, resulting in a lack of time to do the work I needed to be doing (but a pretty fun summer at the beach and the most tan I’ve ever been in my life).

2024 WILL BE DIFFERENT. Whether I schedule out my promotional IG stories, send an email, or make a new connection… I can’t be sitting around waiting for work to come to me. Because that doesn’t work 😅

Send emails weekly

How many times have you heard me say this? Well, 2024 will be the year I send my emails.

My clients all have great success from sending weekly emails… but then there’s me. Doing nothing for myself. If there’s one thing I learned on my 2023 business reflection journey… it’s that I don’t spend enough time on my own marketing and following my own advice.

I think you’ll want to be on the list.

Schedule content one month out

This is so challenging. Especially when you need to post daily and you’re a one-person show, but I need to get in the routine because getting behind on this is a major issue for me that I rarely recover from. Once I skip a post, I don’t really come back.

So. I have a plan. Here’s my personal content package:

  • Weekly SEO Blog Posts (based on keyword research)
  • Weekly Email (short, fun insights)
  • Daily (workday) posts to my feed. Each week will have, not in this order:
    • (1 post) outlining my actual services and packages
    • (1 post) describing my process
    • other fun posts depending on the blog post theme… considering sharing work outfits, weekly goals, jokes, business tips, etc.
  • Weekly IG Live??? not sure the how, when, or what, but I think it could be fun.
  • Weekly LinkedIn-specific post
  • Weekly personal facebook *gasp* promotion tbh, i don’t know if I can be strong enough to post about business on my personal page, but I’ll do my best.

The first 3 things are already in the works. I’m starting my plan in December to schedule out January, with some content in December just to get back in the routine.

I will be scheduling on Later, of course, because it’s the best. So user friendly, has all the platforms you could want, a beautiful LinkInBio, story scheduling, reel scheduling, etc. etc. etc. I make all my content clients use it, and you should, too!

Sharing thought-leadership content

Some days I feel like I don’t have any thoughts. But apparently, this is how you grow your following on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Many of these people are not sharing any mind-blowing thoughts, so I’m sure I can come up with something.

Here’s my plan in case you want to copy it for yourself

  • Follow some industry leaders
  • Choose one post a week to share to my page
  • Add my own thoughts to the article and ask for feedback.

This is what normal people do all the time on their personal Facebook pages, so why is it so hard to implement for my business? Probably because it’s a little scary to move into that “expert copywriter” mindset.

2024 is the year that happens (maybe not on January 2, but I’ll get there!)… you can find me on LinkedIn here.

Have more fun

This is personal and professional: I’m just a light-hearted person, and I will bring that to our meetings. Like they say on TikTok, “this is PR, not the ER” and I don’t let anyone take themselves too seriously (although, I’m currently working for an organization that can impact life vs. death outcomes, and I take it very seriously).

But personally, I want to share more content on my personal account about my hobbies and the personal blog I’ve had since the *birth of the internet* that primarily serves as a journal for my projects. I miss making stuff and sharing on there. Expect to see more!

Share my affiliate links

Look, I’m not going to be an influencer anytime soon, but I have used the SAME TOOLS FOR LITERALLY YEARS (here’s a v outdated blog post from 2016 that proves my undying love for Later), and I will be sharing whatever links I can to make some commissions. So expect to see those links in my content 😊

What are your 2024 goals?

Tell me your goals, and maybe we can brainstorm some solutions together!

I’ll keep you accountable 😊

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