I recently learned that June 30 is Social Media Day! So I thought I’d share why I love each of the platforms I’m using, and a few of my favorite resources!


  • Building Your Business: I just changed my thinking on this topic, because I didn’t think a visual photo network would be great for a copywriting business. I recently took a free webinar teaching that it’s all about the captions, and making people fall in love with you before buying your product.
  • Making New Friends: on my @mostlysewing account, I love searching through the #sewcialist hashtag and finding people making similar projects.
    Elise at A Beautiful mess wrote this post about online friendships. I don’t think I’ve made a new real friend online, but I think it’s so cool!
  • Resources
    • The Instagram Lab : I signed up for this class this week, and I’m really excited to get into it. So far, I’m on week 2 and I love the concept much more than the other options of liking/ following random people and hoping for the best.
    • Later: This app is great for prepping posts and planning your feed. They just added a “preview” option so you can see how that picture will look with everything else. Really fun – and free! And you’re able to upload pics from your computer, which makes life easier (I know I type faster on my keyboard!
    • A Color Story: I love love love this photo-editing app. I bought the full app with all the filters, although the Essentials Pack is great too. I can save the steps I take editing a photo and easily apply them next time I edit. For Example, If I’m also increasing brightness, contrast and adding the same filter: I save all the steps as my own “filter” and only need one click the next time I edit!
    • Notes: Yes, the app that comes on your phone. This is the only way to keep that formatting in your comments to hide all the hashtags. And I just make a doc with all the hashtags I use on a photo, and copy + paste it into my comments: so fast!

Facebook: I almost forgot about facebook, and then I moved it to the top of the list…. First of all, I kind of hate facebook. Too many stupid viral videos and not enough of my friends…. but a few weeks ago I jumped into:

  • Facebook Groups: Somehow this is the good corner of the internet. You can connect with people who live in your area, work in your industry, or maybe just listen to the same podcast. I asked for advice in one of the quilting groups, and I received over 100 comments! I also found my local Rising Tide Society page, and I can’t wait to start going to meetings!
  • Since I’m trying to create a cohesive IG feed, I like to post my personal photos just to facebook for my friends. I was getting more likes for those things on facebook anyway.
  • OK – that’s it. I don’t like anything else about facebook.


  • Learning: I find so many good articles on Twitter! And learn so much from the people I follow. Sometimes I forget to post on my own account, but I love reading everyone else’s posts!
  • Connecting: I haven’t participated in a twitter chat, but I know that I should. Great way to talk to others in your industry! I’ve just been using facebook groups for that connection lately.
  • Tip: did you know you can use IFTTT to post Instagram photos/captions directly to twitter? Go check it out!


  • The new big thing. Honestly, I only use this to send pics to my sister throughout the day….  But I’ll get better at it if I must.
  • I don’t know why every blogger seems so confused by this (ex. “I’m finally getting the hang of this snapchat thing”), it’s not that it’s difficult… I just don’t feel like recording everything about my day, and most of the time I don’t feel like watching everyone else’s videos.
  • Add me @ daniellew1228 and I’ll try to be better

Google+ / Google Business

  • I personally don’t participate in this one very much, but it is great for local SEO. I’ll update my profile soon enough
  • As an SEO and Copywriter: It’s super important to update Google + and Google Business listings (hours, phone number, photos). I make tutorials for all of my clients so they know how to make updates

… and I also like Swarm, which I’m pretty sure no one uses anymore. But I just like tracking what restaurants I’ve gone to, and when it says “2,000 miles from your last check in.” When I first started using foursquare, it was a little more popular and we would be fighting for mayor of the bagel shop next to work 🙂

Did I forget anything? What are your social media tips and resources?

BTW: Pinterest is a search engine not a social media platform!

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