Gift Guide for Freelancers

Do you know a freelancer, but don’t know what to get them? This shouldn’t be a real problem with the many “Girl Boss” coffee mugs and prints floating around the internet. However, if you want to get something really useful for your friend or family member, check out the list below!

if you know a freelancer, check ou these gift ideas for Christmas!

The Freelance Gift Guide

  1. Fitbit Flex 2: Freelancers kind of sit around all day: at least I know I do. Our office is usually the next room, which means we get even fewer steps than the average office worker. An activity tracker reminds us that we really need to get out more. I have the original flex and love the sleek look of this new version (it’s waterproof for swimming!).
  2. Noise Canceling Headphones: You can decide how much to spend on these, but any freelance would appreciate new headphones. I prefer wireless and can live without the true “noise canceling” aspects… but some freelancers have more noise in their homes or coffee shops and need the better option.
  3. Notebooks and Planners: I love them all. I prefer writing out my to-dos instead of just managing online lists (although I’m looking forward to figuring out Trello), and sometimes I just need paper for a brain dump. I try to keep my phone away from me while I’m working to avoid distractions, and using paper notebooks and planners helps with that goal.
  4. Magazine Subscription: Give a subscription to a business magazine, such as Entrepreneur. Any freelancer would appreciate all the knowledge gained throughout the year!
  5. Business Books: I listed a few of my favorite books below (some actually caused me to leave my corporate job), but anyone would learn from them:
  6. Cute Office Supplies: Can’t go wrong with Poppin!
  7. Coffee Grinder & French Press: Coffee really helps get the job done, so help out by giving better coffee.
  8. Amazon Gift Card: People always think gift cards are impersonal, but what if they want to buy a specific keyboard or have a long list of kindle books they want to read… gift cards are great.

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