Sept 26: 4 Tips to Write Better Today

I know very few people who enjoy writing, and few people write well. Amazingly, people seem to prefer speaking their thoughts to process. Which is not something I can do. Speaking is a struggle, and I often want to go back and edit or rearrange my paragraphs to make them flow better. But alas. Impossible.

Write Better Starting Now:

You should have seen this website I read the other day. I would share it, but I don’t want to throw them under the bus. It was long, pessimistic, boastful (it’s supposed to be about the customer journey!)… Anyway, I knew it could be better.

But since I can’t fix that one, I wanted to throw a few ideas out there to make your writing better (specifically in your marketing):

  1. Start with “You:” This is a fun writing challenge copywriters do, and it usually helps me get out of a slump. Even though it feels repetitive in the moment, readers (your customers) respond to it well, because they love thinking about themselves. And you’re writing all the content for them anyway, right??
  2. Remember the Benefit: This can be difficult, even for me. You have to dig to figure out the actual BENEFIT of the product. No, the benefit isn’t a new HVAC system. The benefit is the FEELING: comfortable refuge of home from the sun or snow, the peace of mind that it won’t break, never worrying about changing filters… those are benefits. If it’s physical, it’s just a feature.
  3. Keep it short: People like short sentences. We write for a 5th-grade reading level, not because we’re writing to illiterate people, but because these should be easy decisions. Instagram and Google all reward a lot of text, so this doesn’t mean you write fewer words, but each one should be valuable.
  4. Write like you speak: This is the hardest part, because we’ve been taught to write a very specific way. But that way is not good. If you need to use talk-to-text to get your Instagram captions to sound like you, do it!

Why Writing Matters Online

There’s a huge misconception that people have short attention spans and don’t read. But that’s just because the words aren’t interesting.

Writing well shows your customers who you are. Your website, social captions, emails… all build the trust needed for those readers to become buyers.

And with the next generation using TikTok and Instagram as a search engine, your captions need to be long and optimized, too.

All that to say, you still need words, and they need to be good words.

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