So I planned to write this last night, but I ended up at 9pm showing of Barbie with my sister and mom. Which was great, but I’ll write about that next. I also could backdate this pot, too… but where’s the fun in that.

Identifying Burn Out

This is going to be different for everyone. For me, I lose a lot of motivation for things, and then I also start getting kind of angry when people ask for stuff outside of work hours. I’m a freelancer/ business owner, so technically this shouldn’t happen at all, but of course, it does more often than I like.

But when I’m burned out I don’t just leave it for tomorrow. I get very upset that anyone would reach out to me for any reason. So that’s one sign.

Sometimes you’re just in a funk

Right now, I’m just a little grumpy. More emotionally fried due to parenting a toddler and other life things than burnt out from work. I’m working fewer days this summer (only T,W,TH), and the scheduling change with daycare etc was trickier than I thought it would be.

We are having fun, but apparetly I’m not always feeling my best when I’m NOT working.

Breaking out of burn out

So how do we resolve this quickly and effectively?

You’ll find a bunch of resources on TikTok about avoiding burnout, but here’s what I think:

Stick to a routine: 

There’s nothing worse than having no plan for the day, because you don’t know if you achieved anything. Having some kind of structure, even if it’s just doing a short workout, walking the dogs once or twice a day, drinking enough water, helps you feel better about yourself.

This is my self-care routine: waking up with enough time to drink water, drink a coffee, do a short (or long) workout, and prep breakfast before Henry wakes up.

Decide what is truly restful for you

The internet loves to shame people for being productive with their rest time. BUT I really love reading, and honestly I would prefer to be known as a person who reads than a person who sits and watches TV. I love TV, too. But there are just so many other things I would rather be doing.

So I kind of make a plan. If my kid is playing or watching his own show, I sit and read a book. I carry the book around with me so it’s always ready when I have a moment. Then, I feel like I actually did something that was restful and enjoyable, and I had some time to myself.

Nothing changes if nothing changes

I talked to a friend about working and mothering and flexibility. How can she have a kid if she works like over 10 hours a day, even though she loves her job.

My answer was well, you shouldn’t be working 10 hours a day because you deserve an outside life. As more employees start demanding that very reasonable accommodation… it will become the norm for more people.

Look, there are seasons to hustle and get great work done. Groundbreaking achievements in science or business rarely happen during the 9-5. BUT it can’t be all the time. you have to close the stress loop.

What’s next

Well, it’s Friday (ah hem Thursday), so I’m just going to lay low this weekend and spend time with my little one. I’m solo parenting starting Saturday, so I will have to do workouts inside while Henry’s sleeping. My TBR stack is always miles high, so I’ll pick what I want to read next.

Hopefully by my next work block (T,W,Th), I’ll feel a little more rested and inspired than before.

*honestly, all this writing lately is really helping.

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