Day 2: Going Viral Is Overrated

So a few months ago, I made a reel for a client that went “viral” compared to their other posts. 37k views when a normal reel would get around 1k-5k. I know, nothing actually exciting.

Let me tell you – getting over 100 likes in an hour is wild. But it hasn’t happened since, and I probably won’t be making that style post ever again.

As a social media … person (not quite a manager, just floating in that realm)… I’ve learned that some clients believe “going viral” is what they’re paying for. But it’s not. And it shouldn’t even be your goal! Here’s why:

Your business may not be global

This is the main reason you don’t want to go viral.

Even though I was getting all these views and comments, none of them would turn into sales.

If you have a local business, then you really don’t need to go viral. Those views won’t boost sales because those people don’t live near you. Going “viral” only matters if you have a product you can sell at least across your country.

So many business owners buy social media services, then they’re upset when they don’t get a million views. But really, all you need is the right views.

You can’t always reproduce it

There are a few factors to “virality,” but it’s very hit or miss, and that content may not match your business goals!

For the post I made, it was more of a practical lifestyle tip using the client’s product. It definitely had mass appeal, but it’s not worth making more of those posts, because it’s not a lifestyle brand. Personally, I was confused because I didn’t even use a trending audio. There’s no logic!

Just make the content that resonates with your real customers and clearly describes the business you run, and don’t worry about making it match the style of a previous viral post.

You’re not here for internet fame

Unless you’re an influencer, I’m not sure you’re online to become famous (although, I am always available if Home Depot wants to sponsor my next renovation). You’re here to promote the business you already have.

You can spend all day researching trends and trying to understand Instagram. OR you can post valuable content consistently and focus on serving your customers well.

Social media can greatly impact your local business, but probably not for going massively viral. Just viral enough that the whole town is talking 😊

So don’t waste time chasing (too many) trends and analyzing the algorithm. Just share your business! Your process! Yourself!

Like I’m trying to do now 😅

Ok fun story time:

Henry has started to call me “Bubba” instead of “Mama” and I am horrified. He calls “Bubba!!” from another room, and I’m like, “who are you talking to??”

Apparently me.

Tonight he said. “Bubba, get me a blanket! Let’s snuggle!”

Ok, I will not object to snuggles.

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