Day 8: The Worst Advice…

… for local business owners

(sorry that didn’t all fit in my headline).

There are a lot of bad ideas out there. Actually, I w0uld hope these aren’t said out loud, but clearly people think them.

BAD ADVICE: You don’t need a website

Let’s clear the air: you need a website for your local business.

This is irreplaceable from a Google perspective. You need to connect to Google My Business, and start tracking your site visitors, etc. You need something. Even if it’s just one page.

Plus you need to own your presence. We saw Twitter fall down, Threads jump up (and down? is anyone still using it?), states banning TikTok.

The only thing you have is your address on the internet.

BAD ADVICE: You shouldn’t email your customers

They signed up for your email newsletter. They expect you to send them emails. Do it already.

The more often you email, the more they’ll think of you. And most businesses sell more than one product, so keep yourself on their mind when they need something else.

This is called the Lifetime Value of the Client (more on this another time): you can keep earning off one client instead of constantly trying to find new clients.

BAD ADVICE: “I tried that once, and it didn’t work”

There has to be some consistency before you can rule something out completely. So many business owners try one ad without optimizing the ad copy, or make one freebie that they never talk about, or post once on Instagram and never post again.

You need to try a few things for a while to see any growth. You need to talk about yourself a little more to get things to start moving along.

Basically, anything someone tells you if they don’t own a business

I don’t mean to be harsh here, but if you own a local small business, you are making moves that other people won’t be making. If they work a corporate job, chances are they have absolutely no idea what you’re going through (even if they may be the smartest people you know).

I’ve seen business owners throw away thousands of dollars worth of marketing because a friend at a party “didn’t get it.” These friends weren’t the target market.

If your friends live locally, they may be able to give you product ideas (we need more of ___ in our local community!). But they probably can’t give you business advice unless they’ve been there.

What other bad advice have you gotten as a business owner? Or have you accidentally given other business owners? I’ll be back with the things you DON’T need to have a local business….

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