Day 9: Apps I Use Every Day

Took a few days off of the daily challenge because I was solo parenting the toddler for a week and it wore me down!

Since I’ve been gone, I thought I’d come back with a long list of all the tools and apps I use daily in my business. There’s an old floating around about it, but definitely need an updated version.

About my business: I have been freelance copywriting full time since 2016, and side-hustling since 2010ish… so here’s what keeps things running!

I plan on having a resources page with all my affiliate links to various platforms. However, this one is going to be link free because I don’t have time right now.

Google Workspace

This is my email, calendar, phone (I use Google Voice to have a separate business phone number), docs, sheets… I even use Google Slides! And yes, I pay for it to use my custom domain. I bought it as soon as I went full-time freelance. Most of my clients prefer Google Docs to Microsoft Word, and I really have no need for Excel-specific tasks.

I know finance people and accountants hate using Google Sheets, but it’s all I need.

Kiwi for GMail

If you use Google Workspace, and you have multiple email addresses (I’m down to 4 separate email addresses 🫠), YOU NEED KIWI. It makes Google programs feel like Microsoft because they’re all separate windows, and you don’t need 9388162387428 tabs open. If you upgrade you can use Grammarly with it and a few other tools that I can’t remember.

When I see people opening Drive, Docs, Sheets, etc in Chrome tabs, my brain explodes.

Save yourself. Use Kiwi.


It’s been a while since I really cleaned up my Trello situation, but I use it to keep all my client information in one place: links to their website, competitors, random notes, testimonials, content ideas… the card system works well with my brain because I’m a post-it girl. I understand how other platforms, like Asana, might be better for actual project management. But something about having all the information you need in one card or list just works the best for me.

When it comes to project management software: play around with a few and just pick one. All of them will have a learning curve, and they all REALLY DO THE SAME THING. You just need to commit.


Later is by far the best social media scheduling platform available. I put this on the list because in my ideal world, I have all my content scheduled in advance.

In reality, I’m posting reels from my bed at 6am. So trust me, Later is better than whatever I’m doing.


I just love it for email marketing. So easy to use. Beautiful. It’s not as robust as some platforms, but you can still do audience segmentation, campaigns, etc. Many large brands use Flodesk.

Which ones do I hate? MailChimp. Sorry.


Pricey, but I’m convinced it’s the best client management tool. I’ve heard great things about Dubsado, too.

Here’s the first thing that attracted me to 17hats: templated emails go through your actual mail server as real mail, and they don’t get lost in your client’s Promotions/Update tabs. Also, other teammembers can see emails from your active leads/projects and reply through 17hats instead of copying everyone on there.

Setup was a little less than intuitive, but I feel like it really can do everything.


Of course: who doesn’t love Canva. I fee like this goes without saying. Obviously, I’m in here at least once a week.


I’m a digital planner girly (currently using the Ultimate Planner from Ivory Digital Hub, we’ll see what 2024 brings). I use my iPad everyday, and while it has not replaced my laptop yet, I still love it. I especially love that I can make my planner as giant and customized as necessary, and nothing gets lost.

The downside of a digital planner is you can’t just flip through it and stumble on old information. I guess it forces you to stay organized.

Other favs 😊

Ok, what else do I use everyday?

Waze: where would I be without it? Probably still lost trying to get home.

Duolingo: 568 day streak!

Accuweather: I only require minute-by-minute weather updates to survive. that’s all.

NYT Games: 😬 anyone else still playing Wordle? Just me? And my love for the mini crossword is unmatched

Slack: I prefer to have conversations within a Trello card about a specific topic. But everyone adds me to their slack channel.

Libby: Always reading a library book!

What apps am I missing? What are you loving?

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