We know it’s important to be empathetic in our personal lives, but how do we implement that in our businesses? You may feel like everything is about selling and promoting yourself, but there’s a way to speak to your clients so they feel understood. Here’s a few tips!

Especially now, customers want all of you

Now is not the time to hold back all your emotions. You should be sharing your frustration or anger because it makes you a normal human during a crazy time. For yourself and others, you should try to focus on the positive, but no one wants to see completely neutral posts.

They never do.

But something that sounds like it was scheduled before the crisis will definitely miss the mark.

Like I said in my last post (or my email, can’t keep track)… I know I don’t want to talk about the virus anymore… but I also only read content about the virus. Everyone is as confused as you are, so don’t be afraid to show it.

Put yourself in your customer’s head

One of the first principles we learn about copywriting is to follow the dialogue in your prospects head and write the answer. 

That means you’re in their heads.

While you may feel like your product is the obvious choice for their problem, back it up and start taking small steps to gain their trust and knowledge. Demonstrate that you know exactly what they’re going through, and you care enough to create a solution.

Answer every objection

Sometimes I can be a little pessimistic, or my first answer is NO. So coming up with objections really isn’t too hard for me. If you don’t have the answer to my objections, you might think I’m a bit of a kill-joy.

But this works out for marketing purposes. Write down (or survey your friends) every possible reason someone wouldn’t buy your product or service. If you get stuck on price… do you feel like your product is actually a great value? Can you add some valuable bonuses that would seal the deal?

Some marketers suggest offering bonuses that are so valuable, the customer wants THOSE more than actual product.

Answer every “what about this?” so by the end, your customer has no choice except clicking buy.

Remember who’s the hero

Believe it or not — your customer does not want you to save the day. They want to save themselves. If you can help them become better and live better lives, then they’ll buy from you.

But if you act too full of yourself, too knowledgeable, and too careless with their emotions, they’ll close the page and move onto someone else who cares. In today’s over-saturated market, most buyers know when they’re being manipulated.

Ask yourself… why would they care??? And don’t answer from a place of entitlement.

You want them to give you money. They do not owe you anything — in fact, YOU OWE THEM incredible value and service.

The other day I saw a billboard for a plumber with a picture of a kid that said “hire my daddy!” and my first reaction was, why?? Maybe it’s the Jersey cynicism in me… but most people have children to support, and telling me what to do isn’t going to work.

Get to know your clients

With everyone online, you have the best opportunity to really connect and start conversations with the people who support your business. Increase your content production and ask what they want to see from you. They’re spending more time online, and they’re dying for interaction.

Now’s your chance! If you’ve never done it before, find out what’s going on inside their heads. Or start sharing what you love so they get to know you a little better. Maybe you’ll lose some followers at first, but eventually you’ll grow a tribe of people who feel like your best friends and want to buy what you’re selling.

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