How to get people to sign up for your email newsletter: Lead Magnet Ideas

You know you need to have an email newsletter, but how do you get people to sign up for it?

The answer is a LEAD MAGNET. What’s a lead magnet? Something that draws in leads. So part of the process is knowing exactly what your ideal client needs from you in order to sign up for your list. We’ll walk through that decision process in a minute.

All About Reciprocity

Here’s a weird principle that business owners hate to admit: the more you give away for free, the more people will want to buy from you. It’s called reciprocity! And most people with a conscience feel it. They don’t want to take advantage of you, and they feel the need to give back when you’ve given to them

For example:

  • I’ve bought merch from my fav podcast because I couldn’t afford her program or coaching, but I just wanted to support HER in some way for the free value she provides on her podcast
  • Email subscribers think, wow I learned so much from that freebie, I can’t imagine how much value is in the paid program
  • Readers/ customers sharing your freebie to their social media accounts increases your reach and exposure to other ideal clients that can turn into sales later

When it comes to a lead magnet, find out how much you can reasonably give away for free: you want it to be enough that they want more from you and they’re excited to hear from you when they get your email newsletter.

Characteristics of a Good Lead Magnet for Your Email Newsletter

As you start planning your lead magnet, let’s think about the best characteristics that will keep people engaged with your email newsletter in the long run. You want a freebie that offers value and keeps them interested in your business.

Something people actually want and can use

You don’t want to give away something that isn’t useful. One of the worst feelings is getting really excited about a freebie download, and then realizing there’s nothing to it except “Step 1: use my paid program, Step 2: use my other paid program, Step 3: use another paid program” (I’m not joking when I say, I’ve gotten these before and I have never unfollowed so fast in my life).

I was actually offended that a business owner thought “Download my 5-step Process to Automate Your Business” without a single explanation of the steps would get them results.

Give the people what they want.

And make sure it’s something useful. You don’t want angry people unsubscribing and telling stories behind your back 😬

Something that gets them communicating or visiting quickly

The goal of a lead magnet is that the buyer engages with your email newsletter or starts visiting your shop (and looking for more emails from you). You might want to include regular coupons in your emails, or switch to a rewards program. Get people opening your emails for their real value!

You can have multiple lead magnets in your funnel to keep people engaged. Or, as you make up new ones for different audiences, you just share them with your current subscribers. Then they’ll want to stay on your email newsletter list because they’re always getting something for free.

Something related to your actual services

For example, something related to your services might be the first part of your process. My freebie is a homepage checklist and a video, giving you an idea of what it’s like to work with me. The video introduces them to me a bit, and it’s similar to the Loom videos I send when working with me.

Get them on your email newsletter list: lead magnet ideas

Here are a few simple ideas to get people on your email newsletter list to stay. Some may not work for your business, but let them spark ideas for your local business

Birthday Rewards: Everyone wants to celebrate their birthday with a local business. But don’t collect their birthday if you never intend to use it… there’s a local business near me that sends a birthday greeting, but it doesn’t have a coupon! It’s not actually thoughtful, because I know it’s just in the system. And now you’ve just added clutter to my inbox. DON’T LEAVE YOUR AUDIENCE FRUSTRATED!

Checklists: Everyone loves a good checklist. Does your business have a maintenance process people could check off? On TikTok, I heard from a homeowner that their realtor gave them a magnet of home maintenance items to check on every month. And that homeowner followed it religiously, because she was the first person in her family to own a home. She didn’t know anything about taking care of it! You never know exactly how valuable a simple checklist can be.

Want a checklist for your website homepage? Sign up for my email newsletter here! I’m pretty bad at sending them weekly, but that’s the goal.

Local Guidebook: I love this idea for a local business: create a local guidebook of activities, other businesses, town attractions, or anything else you can think of. This makes a great resource for local residents and tourists, but also drive SEO based on your location.

Coupons: Yes, everyone does coupons for a reason. You should give your best discounts to your email newsletter subscribers so that they stick around and always open your emails.

Art print (or a free gift when they visit the store): The great thing about art prints, is that they can be delivered digitally if you only sell digital products, or they barely add weight to a package when you’re shipping. If you have a physical store, they take up very little space. Give email newsletter subscribers a specific discount code off the product in your shop.

Monthly freebie club for email newsletter subscribers

This will take more work, but definitely keeps people engaged: a freebie every month?? Some of you content creators can churn these out, but making them valuable is another thing altogether. If you own a bakery, stick to a free product each month: maybe you have a cupcake club or coffee freebie. These prompt the second sale, because people RARELY come in and only pick up the one free thing.

What’s next for your email newsletter?

Now that you have their email addresses, you’ll have to start sending emails… more on that next week!

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