All your reasons for not sending promo emails…

Ok, you know you should be sending at least weekly promo emails for your company, but you just can’t do it. Don’t worry, we all feel that way. I’m probably the worst offender. I’m really terrible at staying consistent and doing anything weekly or daily. Honestly, sometimes daily is easier for me because I don’t put it off until tomorrow because I’m going to do it tomorrow, too! Anyway –

Here are all the reasons you’re skipping those emails… and a little motivational pep talk to get you writing again.

You have nothing to say in your promo emails

I know it feels like you have nothing to say week after week in promo emails, but you have more to say than you realize!

Start with FAQs: start filling the content of your promo emails with frequently asked questions and answer one question in each email. Let’s assume you have a top 10 list… there you go, 10 emails.

Then, start looking for example stories from your interactions with customers.

One that will always get you a lot of opens? SCAMS. Write about common scams in your industry and how your customers have been scammed. Debunk the scam, talk about why you’re better, and tell a story of fixing a problem for a customer who was scammed. Show them that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is (aka they need to pay for your service because only scams are free/sooo cheap.).

You don’t want to bother anyone

My clients never want to bother anyone with their promo emails, and here’s what I have to say to that: THEY CHOSE TO SIGN UP FOR YOUR EMAILS.

Your email list is expecting to get emails from you because they signed up for the list. They knew what would happen when they put their email in that box. And yes, they can unsubscribe if they want to.

You’re not a bother!

Especially if you’re adding value. You will never be a bother if your emails have some value. So just make sure your emails are worth opening (by answering questions your customers are actually asking and sharing helpful stories).

You think promo emails won’t make a difference in your sales

All of my clients think this, and surprise: they make a sale every time they send an email (yes, this depends on the size of your list, but it’s possible).

No one believes that it will work.

But I have a client who had to put all the customer service reps on the email list because they wanted to know when the email went out because their phone lines would get busy.

So. Email marketing works. You just have to try it and start building your list.

You don’t want to sound desperate

Many business owners hesitate to send promo emails because they’re worried they’ll sound desperate when they ask for a sale… but you are a business, and you sell stuff.

Again, your list signed up to be there. They know you own a business, and you have to make sales to pay your staff and feed your family.

Okay, so you don’t want to come off as desperate. You’re probably in entrepreneur Facebook groups where someone is offering a 60% discount with a sad story about a family problem. Don’t guilt people into business. Make your product valuable and sell it at the right price. People can’t help but say yes.

If you want to share something for free or cheap, don’t make them feel like they’re helping you out. Sound generous: again, make it so valuable they can’t say no.

People will read what you wrote! Ahhhh!

Yes, that’s the entire point, but I know it can be paralyzing. The more you do it, the faster you get over the scariness of sending the email. And then you’ll be in the habit of sending emails!

Just use Grammarly and send it. Nothing’s going to be perfect. I’ve paired the wrong image with a blurb, didn’t write the subject exactly perfectly, and made so many other weird mistakes. But I tried! I’ll get them next time!

If someone sends an angry reply… that’s on them, not you. You are just trying to run a business and provide for yourself/ your family. You can always reply with a simple, “Thanks for sharing your feedback!” and move on.

Your job as the business owner is to keep showing up for your business, keep trying, keep testing, and keep sharing.

You can do it!

Go send an email! (unless it’s a Monday or Friday, no one reads promo emails on those days, so schedule it for another day).

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