Free Marketing Strategy: Local Florist & Flower Shop Businesses

One of the local businesses that stresses me out with their marketing is a local flower shop or florist. Their websites are usually ugly, not mobile friendly, and their social media is non-existent. Which is crazy because their product is so pretty! Online brands barely have competition (and they’re not paying rent or a mortgage for their storefront!). Here are a few ideas to make your florist business stand out online.

Flower Shop Websites: 5 Pages You Need

Most florists use the same platform to make their websites (and turns out if you get an order from the wrong city, they’ll just send it over to a florist near you)… but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your website unique and compelling.

Home Page: I honestly believe that most shops and local businesses aren’t doing enough with their home page. People go TOO SIMPLE. And then they lose the messaging and the reason to buy from YOU. Millennials and Gen Z aren’t just shopping by price. We want to buy from real people. Give us a robust home page

Shop: Obviously, you’ll have a shop page. This will probably be populated by your florist platform or whatever. Include photos of your yourself actually making the flowers and make this page your own.

About: Show beautiful photos of your flowers, videos of arrangements, show us why we should buy from you and YOUR VISION for flowers

FAQs: Everyone loves an FAQ page 😬 I know I say it every time lol

Blog/ SEO page: While every page of your site should have on-site SEO, using a blog to capture even more of those keywords will help you rank organically (in my area, most of the florists seem to just pay for that top spot.. when they can EASILY get there organically if their websites weren’t literally awful).

And that’s the first 5 pages.

4 Blog Posts for Your Local Flower Shop

Remember, the important part of blog posts is Search Engine Optimization… which means we want Google to find these and say “this is useful for people!” and show it to the right person. That means you’re probably targeting keywords about [ YOUR TOWN ] or service area. Those location posts are the most best place to start. Ok here we go:

  • Our Vision for Wedding Flowers in [YOUR TOWN]
    • How we choose colors
    • When you’ll see us
    • Working with your [ YOUR LOCATION ] venue
  • Seasonal Flowers in [YOUR TOWN]
    • Winter Choices
    • Spring Favorites
    • Summer in [YOUR TOWN]
    • Autumn Colors
  • Top Event Venues in [ YOUR LOCATION] highlight some of the places that you’ve delivered. This boosts local SEO and just makes people like you! It helps if you have photos of your flowers in these venues
  • 2024 Flower Trends for [YOUR LOCATION]
    • The colors we’re seeing each week in [YOUR LOCATION]
    • Top Arrangements for Centerpieces
    • Trendy Bouquets in [YOUR LOCATION]

Which blog post will you write first?

Lead Magnets to Get Email Subscribers

You know you need an email list… but how to get people to signup?? Besides constantly offering a coupon.

Now, coupons aren’t wrong, but we have a few other ideas you can use for your flower shop

How to get customers to sign up for your email list and become repeat customers….

  1. Download “Flowers for Each Occassion” with flower meanings (but a reminder that you can also just use any flower because it’s the thought that counts
  2. Birthday Bouquet: Collect birthdays and give them a free birthday bouquet during birthday month! You would have a set collection for these that they could pick from.
  3. Download “Tips to Keep Your Bouquets Looking Great Longer”
  4. Rewards: the more flowers they buy the more discounts they get! Makes them into recurring customers who are always buying gifts for their friends

Social Media Content for Flower Shop Accounts

Here are 12 Ideas for your social media platforms!

  1. Quick Tip to Keep Bouquets Looking Great Longer
  2. Behind the Scenes Tour of Your Flower Shop
  3. Before/After: Loose Flowers into a Bouquet
  4. 6 Reasons to Buy Flowers for a Friend
  5. How we keep flowers fresh “out of season”
  6. Wedding Bouquet Trends We’re Loving
  7. Build a Bouquet with me! (timelapse of the process)
  8. 5 Flowers that Last the Longest
  9. Flower Meanings (series)
  10. Best Flower Plants for Indoors
  11. Florist vs. Grocery Store Flowers
  12. 4 Reasons Flowers Improve Your Mental Health

I love looking at those long lists of “hooks” the gurus share and applying them to each industry. They always sound like a great idea on the reel, but I’m pretty sure most of them only work for people promoting a certain type of content. I made these work, though!

Don’t forget to include 📍 [YOUR LOCATION] on reels, so people know quickly if they are in your delivery area, even if they find you through the explore tab.

With 3 posts over 4 weeks, here’s a full month of social media content to get you consistent.

Everything Else for Marketing Your Flower Shop Business

Many people don’t realize that copywriting and marketing principles apply to so much for their business strategy… here’s everything else you write content for:

  • SEO Landing Pages
  • SEO Blog Posts
  • Google My Business
  • Facebook Ads
  • PayPerClick Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Sales Funnels
  • Sales Scripts
  • Case Studies
  • Cold Emails
  • Seasonal Sales
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Signs
  • Mailers
  • Referral Tracking

There are a million different ways you could be marketing your business, but so many florists only use one method, or they never think of applying marketing tactics from other industries to their own.

In my town, local flower shops don’t have a great social media or online presence. They have outdated websites and boring instagram profiles, and as a millennial shopper, I want more for them.

What new marketing strategy are you going to try??

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