I’m getting signups for my email newsletter… now what?

So your lead magnet worked, and now you have people on your email newsletter list…

You know you should be sending them emails, and you’re getting over the long list of reasons why you don’t want to send them…

But how often do you email them, and what do you say?

I’m going to answer all the questions. Let’s go!

Email Newsletter Frequency:

If you’re just getting started, every week is a good amount. This is easily achievable, effective for sales, and frequent enough to keep you on people’s minds. This is what I include in my packages because it’s frequent enough without becoming cumbersome.

Can you believe, though, that EVERY DAY WORKS, TOO?!! I’m not saying you have to email every day; I am saying that you don’t need to be afraid of emailing more than once a week. With email marketing, more is more. Old Navy is sending daily emails, so why can’t you? Your emails will be better than theirs anyway! This is how you become a household name. This is how you make people think of you first.

Once a month… is not enough. Sorry to burst your bubble, but monthly newsletters are for paper. They’re not email newsletters. Once a month will not make you memorable. People will forget they signed up for your list.

MARKETING TERM: Welcome Sequence

Let me jump in here and talk about your “welcome sequence.” This is what people get when they first sign up for your emails, and this is when you’ll get the most engagement because they know they just signed up. You can and should send a daily email for the first 5-7 days, but make them exceptionally valuable. Here are some ideas:

  • Give each one a different little promo to get people in your store.
  • Include your services (and an incentive to buy)
  • Ask for a reply
  • Tell your history
  • Share some reviews

Introduce your new subscriber to your brand so they know exactly who you help and how you help.

Email Newsletter Content:

Now for the hard part: email newsletter content. What are you supposed to write every week?? You talk to a bunch of people every day about your business, so it’s time to put some of those conversations in writing. My strategies include:

FAQs: You might be thinking, I already have these on my website, why am I writing them in my emails? Because no one reads every word on your website. Sometimes, they need a reminder. Sometimes, they didn’t have a question when they were on your site, and now they do. Trust me; just start by answering one FAQ per week in your email newsletter. Go a little more in-depth than your website response, and maybe include a story about why the answer is the answer.

Stories: People want to hear a good story. These can be almost testimonials, except you’re telling the story yourself. “Yesterday, we went to a client’s house, and their system was exploding from all the dust of not cleaning out their filters.” Then, go on to tell them how they can save money, how you saved lives, etc. Yes, that’s a story. Please tell your stories.

Exclusive Discounts: Your email newsletter subscribers are your biggest fans. Give them the best discounts and offers first. Tell them your breaking news first. Everything should flow from email newsletter > social media.

Fun Stuff: You might be thinking your professional email newsletter is not the place to share fun stuff, but you would be wrong. If you want people to open your emails, you need to get them excited to hear from their FRIEND. If you are a one-person show, then this is super important. But if you are a bigger company, you need to have a personal touch, too. Get to know what your clients like, and tell them those relatable, fun stories.

Other Tips

But wait, there’s more! These don’t necessarily have a category, but here are some ideas to make your email marketing more natural:

Batch emails if you’re in the zone: If you’re having a good writing day, don’t stop. Just write the next email and schedule it out for a few weeks. NOW YOU’RE AHEAD OF THE GAME. But don’t be scared of writing the email in the moment either, there’s always something nice about it being timely.

Keep a list of ideas and stories: If your kid says something funny, you can write an email about it (if that’s your market). Start noticing stories of your employees doing great things, your rave customer reviews, and ways you go above and beyond with service. WRITE THEM DOWN. So when you sit down to write an email for the week, you have something to pull from.

Be yourself: Especially if you have a solo-preneur type business, your audience is craving the REAL YOU. There’s so much fake stuff online. Please be real, be kind, be fun, and people will respond.

Schedule your emails:

Yes, there are free platforms for email newsletters, but they get expensive quickly, depending on the number of subscribers.

I love Flodesk for emails: the price is the same for ANY NUMBER of subscribers. It’s pricey if you have none 😅 but it’s great if you have a lot and you’re looking to get more serious about your email marketing. The “audience segmentation” (fancy work, but if you know, you know) is super simple, the emails are beautiful, the automation is easy to set up, and more. I don’t use the cart and landing page features, but they’re there.

Here’s a link that gets you 50% off for your first year 😊 and I get a commission for telling you about it.

What other questions do you have about email marketing??

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